Lottery based order generator

This service can be used by Masters who wish to send regular orders to their subs, the orders being randomly chosen from a defined list, and picked according to the results of the UK national lottery.

It will send out slave orders from a preselected list but determined by the number drawn on the UK National Lottery thunderball draw. This saves a Master form the trouble of telling a slave what to do on a week by week basis whilst ensuring twice-weekly orders for the slave to obey and report to his Master.

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If you want to see who's already registerd and what they're doing, then see the summary of all orders for all subs

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Detailed description

As the Master, you create an account. It will then ask for some details such as the password you want to use and the Master and sub e-mail addresses. The same email address can be used for both Master and sub and you may wish to try the system out using yourself as both Master and sub before involving a real sub. A confirmation mail will be sent to any e-mail address used, which must be acknowledged before any further mail will be sent.

After you are logged in to the site, you go through a set of screens to select what sort of orders from pre-configured lists (or you can configure your own) and then assign an order to each lottery ball number. Next lottery draw, you and your sub will receive a mail with the order corresponding to the draw results.

You can choose whether to use the thunderball draw's thunderball number, which will pick one order out of 14, or the lotto draw's bonus ball number, which will pick one order out of 49.

If you are testing the system to your own mail address you will receive both a Master email and a sub email.

On some mail systems, to avoid its spam protection identifying the mail as spam, add the address "" to your email address book. This is particularly important with webmail and online systems such as AOL and Hotmail.

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